Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fight the Disease

I feel an obligation to share this product. I've never been a regular flosser. I hate the time it took, I hated feeling like a masochist who enjoyed flaying my gums on a nightly basis. Yet the more time in between I went, the worse it was (duh.). So begrudgingly, I've been trying earnestly to get into the habit. I was improving. It even came time that I flossed my way through my free trial from the dentist I got like, a year ago. (Yes, I'm that bad). So, I bought some at the store, not knowing the revolution that was awaiting me.

Gentle Gum Care, what wonders you have done. Your woven strands are so much more gentle on my gums, and glide so quickly. I've started flossing on an almost daily basis - it's a miracle.

So if any of you have had trials in being a regular flosser - I highly recommend trying kind. This is a completely shameless, no monetary compensation involved endorsement.

In other news, just had a dinner date with my husband at Brick Oven, and it was delicious. I think we may go play some Lego Star Wars now.

That is all.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


So...I'm kinda backing out of a "catch-up" post. Suffice it to say, our time in Colorado was awesome. We just missed the first snowstorm (thank goodness we drove, otherwise we may not have actually made it for Christmas), got to experience the second big one, and had an awesome time seeing family and friends. We were able to spend about 10 days there, which is the longest amount of time we've been able to spend there at one time, well...probably since we got married. But amazingly, it still went just as fast. I really want to be back there sometimes...however, it just wouldn't be wise on our part to do that right now. Mark's job is FANTASTIC, I am having a fun time seeing my work develop and grow, and financially, it's so much more expensive to live there. But maybe someday...

Just for fun, here's some photos of my parent's house as a result of the first storm:

Alrighty, I've just had some delicious, rich chocolate Ovaltine, and considering it is Monday tomorrow, which means going to the gym at 5:30AM...I better head to bed. Plus, I'm right at the very end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (re-reading them all - I love those books!), so I think I will go finish!

Friday, January 26, 2007


Just a quick post - apologies for not updating since we left town for Christmas. I've been going pretty crazy since then - from relaxing and getting snowed in in CO, to some big changes going on at my work, I have been neglecting writing in my blogs. So, I will be updating with a pathetic "catch-up" post soon, and will try to be at least a "once a week" blogger. I mean, we have this nice shiny Mac at home - I can definitely give it a little more love! It's so easy to upoad pictures to as well! So what excuse do I have, really, besides laziness?

Hope everyone is having a good new year so far!