Monday, October 22, 2007

It's freezing in here.

Soooo....I've continued to be a lame blogger. I can't promise that things will be better (though I always have hopes it will be). I think it comes down to laziness, work being consistently busy (taking a quick break now to update), and not a whole lot of computer time at home. And nothing really exciting going on in my life. So here's a few random thoughts for those of you still coming around this dusty little corner.

-Our heater at work isn't working at the moment. The thermostat is currently below 60 degrees. I hope my fingers stay attached to my body. Maybe I should get some of those fingertipless gloves...but then again, those always kinda exude creepiness to me.

-My parents and sister are coming into town tomorrow, and Mark is leaving town on Wednesday. At least I will have family here to keep me company for those few days!!

-Our camera is pretty much broken, and we'll probably need to get a new one. It sucks, but hey - new and shiny could be nice. It's just a matter of the money. Stupid money.

-Is anyone else loving the change in seasons? I love fall/winter/spring time. Notice the exclusion of summer. Once the temp gets about 85, it's not fun anymore. Except for swimming.

-I'm playing a video game right now where the characters are SPACE PIRATES. How cool is that?

-....I should probably get back to work now.