Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So...if you couldn't tell, I've been *really* bad about updating this thing. And truth is, I really haven't been spending that much time on the computer at home. Just a quick check of the email, the news, and if I actually sit down at the computer (rather than standing while brushing my teeth or something), my blog/livejournal friends.

Anyways, guess what I am saying is I apologize if I haven't been great at updating/commenting, but really - it's been kinda nice to not feel "obligated" to the computer at home, especially since I am on one all day at work. I'll try to update as fun/exciting things happen (I really need to be better at journal keeping in those regards), but really don't think I will post about my everyday existence - it's pretty boring. (: (Today I got up, went to work, came home, had dinner, played games/went to Primary Presidency meeting/helped with math, etc., went to bed). So yeah - that's just me. (: And I do enjoy/keep up pretty well on everyone's blogs/entries, I just don't always have something to comment about/have time to comment. So apologies for my somewhat "lurkerish" status as of late. (:

Anyways, just thought I would blow the dust off this thing for a bit, and let you all know I'm still living, and keeping pretty busy. (: Things are going good, new job is going really well, and all that fun stuff. (: