Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anniversary weekend

So I need to do an update on Mark and I's little "getaway" last weekend, because it was so much fun. And I need to write it down for my poor memory's sake.

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary this year by doing an overnighter in Salt Lake. So last Saturday (the 23rd), we headed up I-15 to have our FIRST official lunch at Chipotle in Utah. And man, was it amazing. It had been since last Christmas, so both of us just relished it. We also discovered that Paradise Bakery and Cafe (another Colorado treat not previously seen over here) is in the same complex! So...sometime on a free Saturday again, we will need to head up there. After our lunch, we headed down into the city to check in to the Hotel Monaco. It was very nice, though the room was a bit small. But still - down comforter and pillows in a hotel are always good in my book. After we checked in, we walked over to Temple Square to see the new Joseph Smith movie at the memorial building. It was really nice, I'm glad we had the chance to do that. We also perused around Temple Square for a bit, but it didn't last long, as it's been ridiculously hot out here (with no end in sight *sigh*).

We headed down to the Gateway mall for a little bit too, to buy me a copy of Elite Beat Agents for my shiny new PINK Nintendo DS. It's so cute! I even made some vinyl stickers for it at work, so it has little flowers on it. We figured I needed to get my own DS, as we are going out to PAX (an incredibly awesome gaming event in Seattle) in August, and...2 people sharing 1 DS just wouldn't work. We both want to play! So we bought it through RC Willey with 90 day no interest, which comes out to like, 40 bucks a month. I can handle that. Anyways...enough geek talk for now ;)

After the gateway, we headed back to the hotel, and...played Elite Beat Agents with each other on our respective DSs (I was lying on the geek talk being over, but what can I say. That's what we are.). For dinner, we went to the Melting Pot - oh my, do I love that place. For those of you who have never been, it's an all fondue restaurant. So you start with cheese fondue, then have a small salad, then have a main course, where you cook your meat in the fondue pot, then of course...chocolate fondue for dessert. It's seriously, one of my favorite places to go. Unfortunately, it's also very it's definitely for special occasions. Dinner there always takes a while, so that pretty much wrapped up our night.

The next morning, after checking out, we went and had breakfast at the Original Pancake House. Once again, with the culinary delights. They have the best breakfast, hands down. I'm SO glad they opened one in Utah. I got an omelette with sourdough pancakes. Mmmm....

We then decided to check out the new IKEA store on our way home. Wow, is that place enormous. And amazing. The whole upper floor is a "showroom" where they have rooms all furnished and set up with their stuff. Mark and I are planning on getting some new bookshelves soonish from there.

And...that pretty much wraps it up. Once again, I was pretty lame about getting pictures. But I just needed to write this down so I don't forget!

Oh, one other discovery on our trip. Mark and I stumbled across a Scottish imports store that actually carries IRN BRU, which Mark has been searching for for FOREVER. It's a soda that somewhat resembles cream soda, and seriously - he has not been able to find it anywhere before now, where you don't have to pay ridiculous amounts of shipping dollars. So...needless to say it just about made his day.

The end.