Thursday, September 20, 2007

Eight Random Things

Hannah tagged me to do this on her blog a little while ago, so I thought, why not? Eight random things about me right now:

1. I love playing video games. That's a given at any moment in my life. NERD to the CORE.

2. I have had a cold all week, and it sucks. I haven't had a "real" cold in several years, and was feeling kind of spoiled. Back in high school, and early in college, I would get colds ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I would basically have an ongoing cold the whole winter season, often including larengitis as well. But since I've been married to Mark, I'm relatively sick free (even though he hasn't been).

3. It's my nephew's 13th birthday today. 13!!! That makes 3 teenage nephews! It's kind of weirding me out to see these kids growing up so fast.

4. I feel like I am rarely on the computer at home anymore. Because I am on the computer at work so much, I guess I just kinda feel burned out on it by the time I get home. This obviously results in slacker blog posting. Though I do take little breaks at work to try and sneak in a few comments.

5. Our bathroom upstairs is utterly disgusting. Truly. I would be embarrassed if anyone saw it. It must be cleaned on Saturday. MUST.

6. I wish I was better at keeping in touch with people. Jessie sent me an awesome email today, that just brightened my whole day. And I WILL be writing back tomorrow! (:

7. I need to start exercising again. Like, desperately. As soon as this cold is mostly kicked to the curb, I need to get back into gear. I hope to be going on many walks with Diana. And maybe walks in the morning with Mark too. It all just needs to happen.

8. Pandora internet radio seriously makes my work day. I love how many new songs and artists I have discovered through it. If you haven't already, you need to check it out. Just type in to start a loving relationship with music.


Saturday, September 01, 2007


Some exorbitantly drunk guy just broke into Mark's car.....and sat there. And has now been arrested in our driveway.

At 3 AM.

I'm glad Mark woke up and knew well enough to call 911. Yikes!