Monday, August 21, 2006

I have been intending to update about my friends Zack and Jeanine's wedding in CO a couple weekends ago. I am blogging, the camera is downstairs, and I am feeling too lazy to go get it.

I'm really frustrated with how many "good intentions" I have, yet actualize so little of said intentions. I get all gung-ho about being better at practicing piano, or making good mail, or reading scriptures, etc. etc. But I always seem to fall short of establishing a good habit of these things. It goes well for a few days, then I am back to square one. The one I have been able to stick to is going to the gym in the mornings. And I largely have Jessie to thank for that, as she relies on me to get my butt out of bed and pick her up. (:

I hate the circle of Funk. It seems like once I start feeling de-funked, I start moving back into it. And tonight, I am feeling funkified. It hasn't been a good night anyways, and that just lends itself to negative thinking.

Sorry to be so "angsty" in these past few posts. But hey, something has to be better than nothing.

*How do you turn good intentions into good habits? Any suggestions?*

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Guilt Free?

I have decided to try and not make myself feel guilty over my blogging habits of late. I can relate to Jessie in that I feel guilt over not blogging. But, I have decided to try and blog guilt free, and do so when I want to without feeling obligated to "catch up." I thank those of you who have endured and still actually check this little corner of the blogging world. I hope I do not disappoint. (: But maybe if I take a fresh approach blogging will feel more like fun again, and not an obligation (on my part - not due to any of you making me feel obligated). Meanwhile, I have always continued to enjoy reading blogs, I just have a hard time sitting down and thinking of something worthwhile to say.

I think I have a little cold, and that's never fun. I am determined to still get up in the morning and at least do something at the gym. This system Jessie and I have worked out truly is awesome.

Was anyone else kinda weirded/freaked out by everything going on in the UK today?