Sunday, March 06, 2011

New Post....what??

So yeah. Still upholding my status as worst blogger ever. But, I thought I would give a brief dusting to this corner (even updated my pic and bio, when I saw it still showed me as 24...). You can mostly find me on Facebook and Twitter these days, as they more easily indulge my "snapshot" memories/random trains of thought.

But, life is good. Really good actually. There's been some tough times and crazy rough moments these last few years. But through it all, I've really started to gain that mysterious quality called "confidence." Which has done wonders for me. I'm definitely not perfect, and still have my crappy days(/weeks/months sometimes), but overall...I've really started to try caring more about myself, and in turn, let that reflect on the people I care about.

So...there you go. Can't promise I will be around here again soon...but, figured I would "pop in" to say hello. :)

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