Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Already Missed

So I am not so great with words, and definitely not very good at taking pictures (wish I had inherited that part of my family), but I can say already that I really miss Timm and Jessie. I've been in a definite funk today. It just...won't be the same without them here. Several times today at work, I just wanted to give Jessie a call, and knew that I couldn't.

But I know this is an exciting, new chapter of their lives, and I really wish them the best. (: After all, miles don't determine friendships, and I know that Timm and Jessie will always be good friends. I'll have to step up to "long distance" means of keeping in touch! Anytime I come across an "internet fieldtrip", I'm definitely sending it your way Jessie.

I wish you guys a safe journey, and just know that you are sorely missed already in the Youngquist house.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SPT - Geek

So, I have never done an SPT before (and alas, I am at work eating lunch, and do not actually *have* a picture with me, but I will add one later), but I just couldn't resist sharing the geek/nerd in me.

I am pretty much an all around geek, with an emphasis in video games.

Besides a C+ 6th grade in Handwriting, I didn't get a B on a report card until I went to BYU. So I am definitely a school geek. Haha...I graduated from BYU in 2006, and I'm STILL working on a research project I started my last year of school! I go in once a week. It's coming to a close this August though, when I go with my group to present our posters at the American Psychological Association's Convention. I'm honestly glad, and impressed with myself that I stuck with it! I also hope to go for a Master's Degree in the not too distant future. geek.

A lot of my interests are also very geeky/nerdy. I like to watch Anime (Japanese animation), I do like some sci-fi/fantasy books (So excited for The Golden Compass movie coming out this Winter!!), my husband and I play Dungeons and Dragons every other week with a group. And like I mentioned, I really like to play video games.

I first started playing video games when I was little, when my sister and I got an NES to share for Christmas. We both enjoyed it, but it was just the beginning for me. Since then, I have gotten a Super Nintendo, a Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance SP, Playstation 2, a Nintendo DS (I just got a pink one!), and together with my husband, throw in a Sega Dreamcast, a Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, XBOX, and just recently, Playstation 3. Not to mention that we have a few duplicates of these, from the years before Mark and I were married. I only spend a little bit of time playing games on the computer.

Needless to say, one of my major hobbies is playing video games. It is so much fun to me, and so relaxing. And, it's a lot of fun getting to share that Mark. In all honesty, if it wasn't for video games, I likely would not be married to Mark.

Mark and I both went to the same high school, and our Junior Year, we both were "Student assistants" for the same teacher. Mark came in one day with a not yet released in the US Game Boy Advance. Well, given my geekiness, I thought that was pretty cool, so I asked Mark if I could try it out. He said sure, and just requested nicely that I don't save over his game (he had no idea that I was a gamer, because well, girl gamers seem to be "rare" - though we now make up a pretty significant percentage!). That was just the very beginning of a very close friendship we developed, which obviously developed into even more. ;) We would often get together and play games. Mark and I even shared our first kiss while playing a round of Mario Party. So needless to say, our common "geekiness" played a big part in bringing us together.

Anyways, this is probably getting boring for most of you, but, as you can tell...geekiness is something I'm pretty passionate about. It's a way of life! ;)


Friday, July 13, 2007

Bunny Post

So, Mark and I had to give away 4 of the 6 baby bunnies July 3rd. Needless to say, it was really hard to do. I had grown really attached to all of them, but I knew that there was no way we could keep 7 bunnies at our house. Luckily, we were able to keep 2, along with Toffee. So that's a lot of fun. (:

Anyways, I just thought I would post a couple of updated pictures, since you guys haven't seen pictures since they were like this!

Here's some updated ones, taken just before we gave most of them away:

Ah, food time. They never could quite figure out that we provided TWO bowls...

Hanging out during cage cleaning time (We ended up giving them hay to keep them occupied, as they were still small enough to be escape artists)

This is Bandit, taking over Mom. He's one of the "keepers" - we've always been attached to him, as he was always the "runt" of the crowd.

A back view of Crackers (aptly named by Jessie's daughter Bella), our other "keeper." The thing that really endeared him to us is his ear that just stopped standing up one day. What's funny, is its actually gotten even worse, and sometimes affects both sides. I think he wants to try and be a lop eared bunny or something.

Anyways, just thought you guys might want to see that they really do get to be cute, once they pass the "pink rat" stage!

P.S. One last cute picture of Mark holding Toffee - can you tell she is our baby for right now? ;)