Thursday, April 17, 2008

That was weird.

So, I stopped over by Lou and Diana's tonight, planning to watch the office. However, Diana ended up getting called in to work a game last minute, but I ended up staying a while and talking with Lou about video games, and then Diana got back so we were all just chatting for a while. The topic of "blacking out" came up, and I mentioned my issue I've had the last few times of getting stomach flu/severe nausea of blacking out.

No joke, like...20 minutes after this conversation, I'm getting ready to head out, and I am suddenly hit with this overwhelming dizziness/feeling like I'm going to pass out. No nausea before or anything, just out of no where. Cold sweat and all. So I sit and chat with Diana while having a glass of juice, until I am feeling back to normal after about 10 minutes. It was just...bizarro.

Who knew that just talking about it could elicit such a strong physical response? ;) Seriously idea why it happened.

That was weird.

So...apologies to Diana (and Lou) for my weird little "sode" there before I left, and thanks for the juice! It actually really helped, so thanks to Lou for the tip!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick Words

I am really enjoying my new job. It's fun learning an entirely new industry, and I think it meshes with my personality really well. The people I work with are great - I've loved getting to know everybody, and it's just fun to be there. The pay definitely doesn't hurt either :) I really miss working with Mike on a regular basis, but I'm glad I'm still able to help him out. But all in all, I think this was a good change for me.

I wish I believed in myself more, and had more confidence in myself. I don't know why it's been such a basically life long struggle for me, but I really do have a hard time recognizing my merits. I'm thankful for a husband, family, and friends who all give me boosts, and I wish I was better about being gracious in my thanks (rather than blushing and mumbling a "thanks" or trying to talk down the compliment). But really - thanks for making me feel good about myself. Really.

I've been feeling kinda down today. A family in my "home" stake in Colorado is going through an extremely difficult time right now. The father was involved in an incredibly serious car accident, suffering burns over 70% of his body, and passed away yesterday. They are an incredibly brilliant family, and my thoughts and prayers are with them. At the same time, I feel thankful for the knowledge I have that death isn't the end. Life is but a blink in our existence, and even though we lose loved ones for a time, we don't lose them forever. They will see their father again.

I am so thankful for my family. I have been extremely blessed in having parents who have always shown love for each other and each of us kids. I have sisters nearby who, despite being over 15 years older than me, are so much fun to be around, and talk to. Fun nieces and nephews to hang out with, and get excited over video games with. Really, I am so thankful for everyone in my family, and in my family "in law." Between all of them and great friends, I have some pretty awesome people in my life.

I seriously ate too much Cafe Rio salad tonight. Blargh.

And....I think that's it for my little "mind spew." Just felt like putting a few thoughts down. for some game time until Mark gets home.