Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rock Band

So Mark and I went to Wal-Mart late last night, in hopes that we would be able to get this game (without having pre-ordered it). Surprisingly, when we got there, we were one of the first people there, and thus able to get on the list right away. So just after midnight, we were walking back to our car, ginormous box in hand, and ready to rock. Well, at least try it out before bed.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, I'm guessing at least most of you have heard of Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero is a music game you play using a controller that's actually shaped like a guitar, and it's a lot of fun. Rock Band takes that idea to a whole new level. The bundle came with a guitar, a drum kit (picture below), a microphone, and the game. You can also use another guitar controller to do bass, thus creating 4 playable "instruments." You play with your band, either together in the same living room, or you can do online quickplay with anyone else who has Rock Band. Most of the songs are pretty well known, or by well known bands, with a few obscure ones thrown in. Anyways, long story short - this presents you an opportunity to pretend like you are in a band, and rock out hard in your own living room. It's ridiculously fun, even though it may sound silly. Trust me - it's addicting.

So yeah...Mark and I had to try it out last night, and thus...I am very tired this morning. But I can't wait to play more!! Hooray for joint Christmas presents. :D


Monday, November 19, 2007

Quick Post

These past couple of weeks have been pretty busy, and I've been feeling kind of a general "burn out" as it is. So yeah.

Anyways, looking forward to Thanksgiving this week! Mark's mom is coming out on Wednesday, so it will be good to have her visit. Last time she was out here was for my Graduation in April 2006. We're actually breaking dinner tradition a bit, and having a roast instead of Turkey. Either way it should be tasty.

This past weekend was a busy, but fun one. Friday night we went out for sushi with our friends Kent and Cynthia (and baby Kent). It was so much fun! We play D&D with them every other weekend, but really hadn't done anything together outside of that, so it was fun to go enjoy a meal and conversation with them. (: And the sushi was delicious - I hadn't had it in over a year. Saturday, the morning was spent cleaning, and then we had our D&D group that afternoon and evening. It's a really fun group (2 other guys in addition to Kent and Cynthia), and we've been playing for hmm...I think just about 2 years now. Yesterday was church, and just kinda kicking back.

Mark and I ACTUALLY made it to the gym this morning. It actually felt great - I was up earlier, didn't feel rushed, felt like I was doing something good for me, and it was fun to spend some time with Mark before work. I hope we can be consistent with it. We are going over to Kent and Cynthia's a few times a day until Wednesday to take care of the their 2 (awesome!) Dobermans while they are off to California for the week. So the need to get up early to make sure the puppies are doing good will help us get up earlier this week - we just need to stick with it after that ;)

Other than that, nothing too much that I can think of to talk about. My life is either boring, or consisting of things most people who read this would find boring. Like getting an XBOX 360. And going to get Rock Band for it this week (yes!!). But hey, really - I need to be better about recording the little details like that, for me. My memory is pretty abysmal - so keeping track of even the every day goings on would do me well.

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures. Still no camera.

Hope everyone is having a great day so far!


Monday, November 05, 2007

Child's Play Charity

If anyone is looking for a simple way to do some good this holiday season, check out Child's Play. It's put on by the Penny Arcade guys, and they currently have 45 partner hospitals around the globe they are working with to bring some happiness to sick kids during the holidays (with more hospitals likely adding over the next few weeks). A lot of the hospitals have "wishlists" you can shop directly from through Amazon, or you can send money directly to them. They have items ranging from less to $10 to over $100, so if you have a little extra money, this is definitely a charity I support this time of year. (: Last year, over 1 million dollars worth was raised.

Anyways, just thought I would put this out there for anyone who might be interested!

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